Laurens van Maren

The man behind maren74 DTP & Design is me, Laurens van Maren, an experienced graphic designer, who practices the graphic profession with passion and humor. Maren74 DTP & Design has been active since 2012 and now collaborates with a number of other parties

A little bit about me 

In 1992, I started as an apprentice in a screen printing company. In 2000, I partook in the DTP & Design education to expand my expertise. Working at a small studio first, I gained a lot of experience with a lithographer afterwards. 

After five years, I switched to action marketing and advertisment agency. My technical insight, considerable knowledge and expertise in designing displays, packaging and automatic page layout was a great match. I became a supervisor for interns to introduce new talent to the world of graphic design. 

In 2012, I decided to found my own company, acquiring more room for my creativity and being able to share my knowledge and experience with a wider range of clients. This has resulted in many great collaborations and satisfied customers.

Of course I kept on developing and expanding my knowledge to keep on providing diverse services of high quality.

I usually work from my own workspace, but if desired, I work just as easily on location. So if deadlines draw awfully near and there is not enough people power due to holidays, maternal or sick leaves, I am more than happy to support your team in your own office. Naturally, I bring along my own equipment.

maren74 works for: