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Nowadays, you really cannot be without one. Whether it is a personal or  company site, a webshop or a webiste for a research project, it is the easiest way of so  easy of reaching your (potential) clients. If you are to busy, maren74 can even do maintenance for you.

Barbara Veselka

Personal professional website of physical anthropologist Dr. Barbara Veselka. The website serves as a digital Curriculum Vitae.


The website of the ERC LUMIERE project of Prof. C. Snoeck. The website reports the progress of the project.


A open access database containing the location, preservation, and access to human remains collections and an ethical framework for handling human remains in Flanders (Belgium). 

Mijn Praag Tours

Website for booking cycling and walking tours in Prague. There is a Dutch, English, German and Czech version.


The website of the UKRI-FLF TOBACCO HEALTH & HISTORY project of Dr. S. Inskip. The website reports the progress of the project.